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We elect the majority of our committee at the Annual General Meeting in October each year, with some opportunities for Appointed Positions arising throughout the year and Fresher Elections taking place in early March.

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Why Join?

Joining committee is a fun way to make friends, whilst helping make uni life just that much better for fellow students! At HSS we pride ourselves on an inclusive and friendly team culture and we make sure everyone enjoys their time on committee whilst also learning and upskilling along the way. By joining, you will also gain valuable experience organising events, being part of a team, and in leadership and communication. 

Available Positions:


  • President

  • Vice-President (Education)

  • Vice-President (Admin)

  • Vice-President (Social)

  • Vice-President (Welfare)


  • Education Officer (x3)
  • Social Officer (x2)
  • Welfare Officers (x2)
  • Male Sports Officer
  • Female Sports Officer
  • Orientation Coordinators (x2)
  • Ordinary Committee Members (x2)

The Marketing Director, Marketing Officers (x2), Sponsorships Officer, International Students Representative and Immediate Past President positions will be appointed later in the year.


Applications close: 11:59pm 12th October 2021. NO late nominations will be accepted.

AGM: 14th October, 5:30PM, Alexander Lecture Theatre.

Nominations are now open. To nominate, please fill out, then copy and paste the following text in bold into an email to be sent to our Returning Officers (Viknash VM and Dickson Wamukoya-Garbutt) at Please also attach a screenshot of StudentConnect, which states your degree/major and expected year of completion. As discussed below, a candidate may choose to submit 1 A4 sized runsheet to promote their nomination. Please carefully read the rules below regarding runsheets, campaigning and scrutineers and attach your runsheet to your nomination email.

*Note - Nominate for positions in order of preference if applicable. It is not mandatory to nominate for 3 positions, you can apply for just 1 or 2 if desired.




Contact Number:


I hereby nominate for and agree to accept the responsibilities of the position I am nominating for in the Health Students' Society (HSS). I declare that I am an ordinary financial member of HSS and am studying a major under the Bachelor of Biomedical Science.





Nomination: In order to nominate, you must also become a HSS Financial Member for the current year. Cost of membership is $5 and you can sign up here.You will get the chance to give a short speech (max 1 minute for OCMs, 2 minutes for Officers and Representatives, 3 minutes for Executive) at our AGM explaining why you are running for the position and why you would make a good candidate.

Campaigning: Please note that NO PUBLIC CAMPAIGNING is permitted prior to elections. Campaigning will be kept strictly to in person conversation or individual messaging.

The following campaigning methods are prohibited:

  • Lecture bashing
  • Facebook posts
  • Any form of mass messaging
  • Negative messaging about other candidates

Evidence of a breach of these campaigning regulations will result in a strike, with three strikes culminating in the forced withdrawal of candidacy at the discretion of the returning officers.

Nominations may be accompanied by an A4 runsheet. The runsheet should outline the nominee's reasons for nominating, the skills that make them suited for the role and any other personal facts that they believe would be beneficial for voters to know about. Runsheets are to be attached to the nomination email, which candidates send to the returning officers (as previously mentioned). The runsheets from each candidate will then be publicly distributed in groups (by position) on the HSS AGM event. This will allow voters to read about candidates prior to the voting period (during the AGM). Please strictly adhere to the following rules;

Runsheet RULES:

  • Each candidate is strictly allowed 1 A4 sized sheet to present their information- vertical or landscape. If candidates are running for multiple positions, they are still only permitted to submit 1 runsheet, however they can mention the multiple positions that they are running for on the one page.
  • Any font or font size is permitted. Please ensure that the final submitted runsheet is in PDF format with the candidate's name as the document title.
  • Candidates can include any information that they deem relevant and appropriate to their campaign on the runsheet. Inappropriate or offensive content will be reviewed by the returning officers and disciplinary action will be enforced in the case of a breach of these rules.
  • No mention of any other candidates is permitted on the runsheet.
  • The submitted runsheet should not be shared, posted or distributed by the candidate in any form- as per the aforementioned campaigning regulations. All distribution of the runsheets will be under the control of the returning officers.

Evidence of a breach of these runsheet campaigning regulations will result in a review and disciplinary measures taken at the discretion of the returning officers. Please direct any questions regarding runsheet rules to the returning officers via

Scrutineers: Each candidate is only allowed ONE scrutineer. A candidate cannot be a scrutineer for themselves or any other candidate. If a candidate chooses to nominate a scrutineer, their name must be submitted by 11:59pm 12th Oct to 


Voting will take place at the AGM, Alexander Lecture Theatre on 14th October at 5:30 PM. Students enrolled in any major under the Bachelor of Biomedical Science under the School of Human and Life sciences, as stated in the constitution are eligible to vote (please see above for HMS majors/courses). Please bring along a copy of your enrolment on StudentConnect to show the Returning Officers (Viknash VM and Dickson Wamukoya-Garbutt) on the day of the AGM.

Proxy Voting

If you are unable to attend the AGM, you are permitted to designate a proxy to vote on your behalf.

If you are intending to proxy your vote, please send an email to by 5PM Tuesday 12th October with:

  • a screenshot of your StudentConnect providing evidence of your relevant HMS major
  • the name and student number of who you are proxying to
  • the reason you cannot attend the AGM.

A person may only carry ONE vote, they may carry their own vote OR proxy for someone else. In other words, they cannot be a proxy for multiple people. A proxy may be from any UWA major.

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